Tuesday, May 3, 2011

1000 Gifts....7-11

Here are 7-11 of my One Thousand Gifts .

7. Medicine.  The kind you take, the folks who treat you.  I am thankful I live where it is so readily available.  I am thankful for vaccines that will keep my boys healthy and protected from diseases that should remain in our past.  I too often complain about healthcare, when there are mothers in this world who would give their lives for half of the healthcare we are handed.

8.  Coke Zero.  Nuff-said!

9.  This fine spring weather.  These are the days I longed for this winter, especially when I was down.  Thank you Lord for a string of springy days!

10.  Our military.  A friend's brother leaves for Iraq tomorrow.  I thank not only him, but his wife and children, his parents, and siblings.  They are sacrificing their time with him, memories, so that he can serve and protect this great nation that we so often criticize for the most trivial complaints.  His wife will wake up without him for months.  His 11 month old will grow from a baby to a toddler while he is gone.

11. My husband's patience and self control.  I need a great deal of growth in these areas!

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