Monday, May 9, 2011

The Garden 2011

Last weekend, we got to work.  If you want to eat from the garden, you have to help!

This was the first year that my mama and I didn't plant the garden by ourselves. 
We gave in and asked for a little help, due to all the "extra special" help from a busy little 3yr old gardener!
I also needed to stop and nurse several times.
We let the guys join in on the fun this year!  I am thankful that my Dad does all the tilling each year, and that is quite the job in itself.

My hubby with his "yard" hat.  It used to be his "Jimmy Buffet" hat.

Micah's favorite...digging holes!

Planting the squash hills with major supervision.  Last year there were baby squash plants sprouting up ALL over the garden!  Guess someone got their hands on a pack of seeds. Hmmm???

Though this looks mostly like digging around, some plants and seeds were actually planted!  I just quit taking pictures when I was sweaty and filthy.

This summer, Lord willing, we will picking and enjoying:

green and yellow peppers
straight neck squash
better boy, grape, and rutger's tomatoes
sugar baby watermelons
oregano, basil, thyme, cilantro

I plan on putting up some stuffed peppers, squash and zucchini, and crushed tomatoes in the freezer.  Depending on the number of peppers we get, we may make homemade sweet relish.  We will also be putting up corn, but we don't grow it ourselves.  That job is a whole 'nother Oprah!

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