Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day 2011

I can't really remember what our life was like before kids. 
Ok, that is a lie.  I do remember it, but it wasn't all that great. 
Ok, that is a lie.  It was pretty great.  The spontaneity, the sleeping in, the daily showers.

But our life with kids, is so much better!!!!!  Being a mother is such a blessing, and no one tells you how tender the sweet parts are and how hairy the hard parts will be.

These two are my every day.

Stop obeying and slip me some cheerios, already!!!
I thank the Lord that he has trusted me to raise them! 

It gets hairy around here sometimes, well a lot of times.  But in the midst of all the crazy, there is love and laughter and growing!  I am definitely the one who grows the most!

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Mary said...

So sweet, love those boys...and what a great mama they have!