Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gifts 12-22

Here are my 12-22 gifts.  I love love love this!  It takes me back every week to when God first began preparing my heart for Him.  You can check that out here

12.  Jeremy's safe trip to Chicago.

13.  The joy God lays on my heart when he comes home from a trip. It feels just as it did every Saturday night, after a week apart in college.

14.  Having my Mama so close!

15.  My Mama staying with me while Jeremy was away.  We had a great girls night, watching a total chick flick, and staying up way too late!

16. God's healing hands on Baby Jeff.  He is now 6lbs and 10oz. and should be coming home next week!  I pray for God's peace as they prepare their home, son, and hearts for him coming home.

17.  God using Baby Jeff to bring neighbors closer.

18.  Our Rainbow.  I know it sounds crazy but I love it that I can vacuum urine off our carpet.  You would be surprised how often I have to do this!

19.  Nights with my family.  Nights when we are all together.  Unfortunately, we've had few of these lately.  Nights when we can sit down and worship the Lord together, read books, tuck boys in, and then prop our feet up, and watch a little TiVO!

20.  Ruth and Rahab, and other women of the bible that God uses to teach me faithfulness.

21.  My church.  God is so BIG!!!  He knows our little church today, tomorrow, and thirty years from now.  He is faithful.  I am so thankful to be a part of a family of believers who trust Him, women who are real, and families that see children as a blessing.

22.  Florida Seedless Watermelon, can you tell I am ready for summer!

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Mary said...

GREAT gifts!!!