Wednesday, March 3, 2010

WFMW...Bathroom Cleaning Kit

Currently I am cleaning two houses every two weeks.  Neither of them are mine.  It helps us make ends meet. 
My favorite part of this is that I get to walk away from a clean house, and I am not there to see it get all dirtied up!!!!

I love to clean bathrooms.  Again, not my own...because of the whole watching it get dirty thing.  But I do.  They shine.

In my own home, I am not very diligent about cleaning the bathrooms on a certain day or every so often.

I just get in there to do my hair...its gross, and I clean it.

Because I keep a Bathroom Cleaning Kit under my sink, I do not have to cross the house to round up the supplies I need.  This also works when someone is coming over and I need to clean it ASAP.

Here is what my Bathroom Cleaning Kit includes:
1 roll of paper towels
1 bottle of window cleaner
1 bottle of all purpose cleaner
1 bottle of toilet bowl cleaner
1 sponge
1 old toothbrush

I double heart this cleaning kit under each bathroom sink because:

1.  It keeps my bathroom cabinets relatively organized and clean.

2.  I am more likely to clean the whole bathroom (rather than just parts of it) if I have all my supplies in one     place. 

3.  I do not get distracted by 1,000 other things that need to be cleaned on my way from one bathroom to the other. 

I encourage you to give this a try!  What items would you need in your Bathroom Cleaning Kit????? Please leave a comment and let me know!!!

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Mary said...

Great idea! Everything in yours, plus I need a Magic Eraser and a some Comet.