Monday, March 8, 2010

Laundry Room Makeover (OAP Challenge) Part Two

So if you are catching up with me you will want to check out my post about our OAP Challenge.
This weekend I finished painting the laundry room and I posted my "before" pics here.
Today I got busy on a little crossover project. 
After cleaning everything out this weekend and purging lots of stuff that did not belong in the laundry room I saw this:
That's what I said.  Wow, I hadn't seen that space clutter free since we moved in!!!
My mind got-ta-goin' and I thought...What if I use this empty space as a "multi-purpose" surface. 

Many of the laundry rooms I covet see in Blogland have countertop space...even a hinged counter over the washer and dryer.  Well, since the budget's a little too snug for front loading machines right now, and I know I don't want to have to raise it each time I want to put in clothes, I quit dreamin' and I let that one go.

My mind then went to this...
one of those spaces that makes you very unhappy every time you see it.
Its our hall closet that gets used as a "throw everything without a home here" space!  One of the monsters that lives in there is our gift wrap bag.  It gets crushed by the vacuum cleaner and I can never find what I need! ARG!

So I decided to organize and move my gift wrap materials, and came up with this...

One old laundry basket later....My new Gift Wrap Station!  It fit perfectly between the wall and the dryer  Yippee Skippee!  And remember this?
I plan to sew up a little mat to keep on top of our dryer, that will catch spills and make a nice little work surface, perfect for gift wrapping or whatever else I want to use it for!   So long Clutta'!!!!

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