Sunday, November 14, 2010

Office to Nursery Transformation

Sadly, my hubby lost his Man-Space a few months ago.  This was also used as our "We Don't Know Where To Keep This" room.  

P.S. My hubby is naturally super organized...he's helped me come a LONG way from when we first met!  And I have taught him that it is ok to throw/get rid of SOME things (like dead batteries and twist ties and cardboard boxes)
His Man Room was never this became this way after we decided to turn it into a nursery and moved most of his stuff out and the nursery stuff in.  This entire process has taken MONTHS just because we (I) kept junking it up, over and over again.!!!

 I am so proud of our Nursery Transformation!!!  We worked long and hard to go through so much stuff.  We purged and organized.  We sold MULTIPLE pieces of furniture, and cleaned the carpets and walls, and of course set everything up for our new little one...who should be here in two weeks!

This is the same bedding we used for Wook.  We picked it out before we knew what we were having.  The changing table was $10 at a garage sale and in way better shape than our old one. 

We had a double bed in here, but sold i,t and pulled a twin out of the attic.  I love the smaller bed because it allows for so much more floor space than Wookie had in his nursery.  Hopefully I can manage to keep from junking it up in the next two weeks!!!


Mary said...

The nursery looks great, so cute! I am sure you feel so good to have it ready for the little guy! It looks relaxing to be in for you too!

WallStickersDecals said...

What a transformation, I never know that an office will turn out to be a beautiful nursery. You can add nursery wall decors too.

Jessica said...

love it!!