Wednesday, November 17, 2010

WFMW...Returning Items to Friends.

Here's my WFMW tip....and thanks to We Are That Family for the Linky Party!

We have a very handy set of hooks hanging on the wall next to our garage door.  When I have an item (book, toy, etc.) I need to pass on to a friend or return to the store, I place it in a grocery sack and hang it on a hook.  There is one little problem-o with this system.  I can't see what's in the bag to know where it needs to go.

So I grabbed one of my new little organizers from Ikea and threw in a stapler, some note cards, and a sharpie.  Now when I put the item to be returned in the bag, I label the outside using the cards.

Now I know exactly what needs to go where and the cards are a reminder that something needs to be taken with me.  Problem-o solved!


Jessica said...

you have such great ideas!! thanks for helping me be organized!

Mary said...

I LOVE your organizational tips, I wish I had at least just one organized bone in my body!!!

LB said...

I was just about to say, I can't believe how organized you are. I am the exact opposite of organized. It's awful.

Jess said...

Ok, ladies...I am not that organized. The few organizational skills I have acquired are because the hubby is so orderly! I think when we first got married it was "get on board the organized boat...or I'm throwing you over!"