Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Man Legs, and Pee-Pee Pants

Well there are a mere four weeks between now and the time I will hold our new little one.

For the most part, I have had a pretty uneventful pregnancy.  It has been a lot like my pregnancy with Wookster.  When I was pregnant with him, I was teaching full time.  I kept on trucking all the way up until two day before my c-section at 41+ weeks!  I don't think I noticed some of the pregnancy issues, due to being so busy, having to get full dressed and dolled up each morning, and worrying about my 20 kiddos.

I really can't complain this time either, but for a minute I'm gonna.

There are just a few things I miss.

1.  Having smooth, shaven legs.  My leg hairs are BAD.  Its just laziness keeping me from shaving them ...and that feeling that your guts are gonna pop into your throat when you bend over.  My OB suggested that my hubby do it for me.  We both broke into absolute hysterics.  He grows nearly no facial hair and uses an electric razor, and I think we both pictured my legs covered in bloody nicks and tiny pieces of toilet paper.  Needless to say, they will get a little attention before I go to the hospital.

2.  My belly button.  This pregnant one is scary and whenever it peeps out, Wook tries to push it back in.  He's making it his little life's mission.

3.  Getting down on the floor  and up again without a great deal of assistance, or grunting.

4.  Sleeping through the night.  Do I really need to pee 7 times through the night.  And most of the time after I go, I stand up and go all over my pajama pants.  Sometimes I change them, sometimes I don't.  Just sayin'!  I am starting to feel bad for potty trainers around the world.  Wet pants are no laughing matter.

5. Coffee in the morning.  I have never been a multi-cup drinker, but I do love my one faithful cup in the morning.  When I am pregnant, I can't stand it!  It tastes like dirt.  It smells like dirt.  The thought of it touching my lips makes me want to barf.  So hot tea it has been...but its just not the same.

I can't wait to meet our new baby boy.  He will be so very worth all of the above.  He is an active little stinker.  I guess I can thank my ever weakening abdominal muscles for the blessing of ALL his kicks and punches to the ribs!


LB said...

this really made me laugh!! And I totally know what you mean about feeling like your guts are going to bust out when you bend over. I HATE bending over when I am 8+ (or even 6+) months pregnant!!

The Noonan's said...

Jessica - I'm so glad to hear others can't stand coffee while pregnant - but a yummy cup of tea has never been better. AND I'll have to say I didn't think the bathroom issues could get worse but pregnancy 3 -it's bad - i'm just saying. Can't believe only 4 more weeks!

Mary said...

This made me laugh out loud! It is all so familiar. The hairy legs, the hating the smell of coffee, the peeing on oneself. I had such a hard time with smells that when I would pee the smell of it would make me need to throw up simultaneously. Probably way TMI....