Friday, January 16, 2009

Chocolate Chip Cookies and Honeybuns

So those of you who read FF Pumpkin Brownies know that I am trying!!!!

I am eating brownies made with VEGETABLES people... to overcome my late night sweet snacking.

So you can understand my frustration when 2 nights ago hubby says
"I am craving some chocolate chip cookies."

Really??????? Isn't that nice. I almost told him where he and his chocolate chip cookies could go!

Last night he brings home a JUMBO Honeybun.

He knows that Honeybuns and I have a past. My Granddaddy used to buy these for me at the day old bread store and then freeze them until I came for a visit. He sent me home with a grocery sack full of them one time. It started early for me. He is also he cause for my love of real butter (nothing else will do).

Back to Hubby and the Honeybun.

Now you may be thinking that well if I love them so much I should have been thankful. Well I am "trying" remember....eating brownies with veggies (stay with me here folks). So I asked him what in the world he was trying to do to me and he, being his frugal (cheap) self, said "They took them out of the vending machine because they expire today baby!". Now that's love.

He told me that he would split it with me (not love)

and then I giggled

cause I split Honeybuns with no one.

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momstheword said...

I don't know what a honeybun is but I love the name!