Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This Close to Homeless

Look at this face! Isn't it sweet? Well this cat can be yours. She is one meow away from homeless!

Mosey Jo here loves to meow at the top of her itty bitty kitty lungs. But only while my son takes his naps. What gives?

This is the 15th time I have spent my only time to do anything, chasing her around the hose with a water bottle. I SOAK her!!!!!! She persists. I lock her in the bathroom. She warms up her vocal chords. I even got after her with the fly swatter yesterday. (do not contact family and kitty services). She stops momentarily to lick herself dry and then continues.

At first I thought it was cute. At first, like until the first time she woke up Wook. I thought that maybe she missed him, since she is so protective and follows him everywhere. Then we assumed she wanted to lay in her favorite spot...his changing table.

Now it just drives me insane. She has always been a wicked one, so maybe she wants to make me pull all my eyelashes out. I don't care why she does it anymore. If someone doesn't shoot me some advice, this cat is going to be homeless. Too bad its not chilly today.

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