Friday, January 2, 2009

Curly Sue...or Jess

Ok, so I mentioned earlier about my new do! I go through this thing that I assume most women do. I have straight hair I want curly hair. I let my hair grow out so I can have a pony tail, I cut it so it will have some style. The cycle goes on and on and on.

In high school I permed my hair.

It was a really big step seeing that the last perm I had gotten was in 5th grade. That was when you left it all one length (Rosanna, Rosanna, Dana style!), permed it and then picked it out poofy!

Back to high school. My Mama talked me into perming it and I had flashbacks of all the times she lived vicariously through my hair. (perming my bangs only, side ponytails too tight to mention, "trimming" my bangs. Sponge rollers! Nightmares!!!!!!!!!!!)

So I ended up loving it!!!!! Everyone thought I had naturally curly hair because it looked so, well, natural. I always hated the first few days of that rotten egg perm smell. I strategically permed it on certain days as to avoid going to school smelly. After giving it a week to "loosen up". I was in hair heaven. Easy peasy get up, wash it and go. That's always been my kind of morning.

Flash forward to 28 and Mommy! I could care less about the stink, just give me the easy peasy. I was so ready for something that did not require a blow dry, flat iron, and too many products to mention. My mother in law was in town and I was looking for a perm. Talented that woman is. She permed me and left me with only a 2 day stink. Again, not going so much for looks, but convenience. I was happy with it and DH even gave me the "I love your hair no matter what you do to it". That sounds like permission to me! Here it is folks....

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