Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Room of Doom

So momstheword asked What's Your Room of Doom? Go check it out and tell me what room in your home is the worst to get motivated to clean.

I would die if anyone who did not know me well saw my master bedroom. It is where everything gets thrown. DH's business is all in order in there but mine is HORRID!!!!

There are my clothes everywhere, shoes too. My dresser is covered with tons of random stuff. We have our coffee table in there to protect Wook's head, and it is the "catch all" space. Our bed is rarely made :( sorry mom!

It is embarrassing. I am going to go pick it now. Embarrassment is a good motivator! And no I am not going to share photos...its that bad! Thanks momstheword!


momstheword said...

Thanks for the linky love and no, I'm not sharing pictures either. Just to embarrassing, I agree! I'll just leave it up to everyone's imagination, lol!

Robin said...

I am going to give my garage the ultimate vote. I am a phenomenal packrat, so it is a wonderful challenge sorting through the yours, mine, and ours (wedding presents) when moving into the new house! Jess, i need your help!

Heather said...

My master bedroom is typically the room of doom too. Ugh. I hate cleaning it, but not nearly as much as I hate cleaning the kitchen.