Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jess and Mrs. T's Weight Loss Challenge

After reading about my FF Pumpkin Brownies and how my husband is trying to sabotage know that I am getting things in order to lose weight. My best bud and I have decided that for once in our lives we will forget about how we look and do this to be healthy. Having a son has really put things in perspective, and I want to be able to chase him when he runs from me! We both want to look our best from a healthy prospective. This is the first time I have decided to lose weight for reasons other than looking good in a bathing suit or being able to wear a size ___. I want to reach and maintain a healthy weight for my body. I want to feel better about myself. I want to be proud of me. For the first time this is not about anyone else but me.

I know this is going to work this time because I have an accountability partner in Mrs. T.
1. I wasn't embarrassed for her to see how much I weigh.
2. We have about the same amount of weight to lose.
3. She is a Christian friend and we will pray for each other.
4. She will kick my butt if I eat bad things and encourage me tons!

worked up a chart to show the week, our weight, and + / - for that week.

worked out a plan for exercise that worked for both our schedules and me having the Wookster with us

vowed to watch what and how much we put in our mouths and WRITE IT DOWN (very important for me)

got serious about this but will not stress too much over pounds each week but healthy living

set a 10% goal and are thinking of a big reward for this!

I am really excited and will keep you updated on our progress. Please pray for us!


Heather said...

Good for you Jess!

I'm still trying to take off the weight. It's not budging, but I'm not giving up!

Robin said...

Amen, sister! We are definitely on the ball to a healthier lifestyle! I can't wait until tomorrow when we get to find out the results to our hard work this week!