Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!

Has it been this long since I posted?

Our Christmas was tons of fun but busy as always. DH's family was in town up until Christmas Eve day. My lovely Mother in Law permed and cut my hair while she was here! I used to do this in high school and loved it because my hair permed really well, and it looked like I had naturally curly hair. I did it this time because it takes mere minutes to fix every morning.

We visited my family Christmas Eve night, and Pop and G-Mommy gave Wook this...

You don't mess with this cowboy!

If you are wondering what this is, its the safer version of the springy horse we had as kids. Ours had the giant springs that you could get your fingers, hair, or clothes caught in. Even still, it was tons of fun and you only half pinched your fingers off once. How are today's kids gonna learn anything about cause and effect? (kidding)

Christmas morning we hung out at home and watched Wook open presents. He was totally in love with the bows and tissue paper even though Santa dropped off this...

Which he later managed to get lodged and stuck in! Note to Santa: next time do not order Christmas toys that must me assembled via, since they ship toys like these in their original packaging and nothing else. Only to be found at your door pulverized and broken. Thank you though, Santa for reordering from who shipped in a discrete brown box with padding around Wook's new toy.

We then headed to DH's Grandma's for lunch and then to Macon for visits with my grandparents. It was A LOT to do in one day and next year we will probably stay closer to home.

A few days after Christmas, DH's brother came by for a quick visit.

We wrapped up the festivities on New Year's Eve with a nice evening at home with one of our couple friends. Robin is like the sister God didn't give me. I used to teach with her and saw her every day. She was my next door classroom neighbor and I never really realized how much I depended on her until I didn't get to see her everyday. We played games and stuffed our faces and it was fun. Wook even slept and let us hang out. It was a fun ending to a very special year. When midnight struck, I thought about how the year of my first child's birth is over. I thought about how much he has grown, but more about how much I have grown. I thanked God for my family, friends, and all the blessings I forget to thank Him for everyday. And I asked him to bless our new year. If 2009 is anything like 2008....I'm diving in!


momstheword said...

These are precious pictures. It's so much fun when they're little. They take so much delight and excitement in everything, even the empty box!

I hope you are going to post a picture of your curly hair!

Robin said...

Awww, JESS! "I LOVE YOUR GUTS!" You are so special to me, and I am glad that we got to ring in the new year with you!